CPD Policy and Requirements

Given the rapid pace and scope of changes in the profession, Chartered Professional Accountants need continuously maintain, update, improve and enhance their knowledge and skills in the area in which they work.

Effective January 2017, the CPD standard requires a:

  • Minimum of 20 hours reported annually, 10 of which must be verifiable
  • Minimum of 120 hours reported on a rolling 3 calendar-year basis, 60 of which must be verifiable.

Members are required to record their hours by January 31 each year using mycpawebservices.ca. Audits will be conducted on a sample basis for both the annual and 3 year reporting period.

You can find the CPA NWT/NU CPD Exemption application form by contacting us.

If you did not meet the annual CPD requirements, please contact us to complete the appropriate remedy form.

Download the CPA NWT/NU CPD Policy