Congratulations Successful 2023 CFE Writers

CPA Northwest Territories and Nunavut is pleased to congratulate the CPA candidates in this province who have successfully completed the Common Final Examination (CFE)!

Congratulations to all successful writers of the September 2023 Common Final Examination (CFE)!

CPA NWT/NU would like to congratulate:

  • John Bryan De Gula
  • Wesley Anderson
  • Liam Miszczak
  • Tyler Sellars

Message from CPA Western School of Business CEO, Yuen Ip, MBA, CPA, CMA, PMP

Congratulations on Your Remarkable Achievement!
As the CEO of CPA Western School of Business, I am delighted to celebrate your significant achievement in completing the CPA Professional Education Program and conquering the Common Final Examination. Your journey to becoming a CPA is a testament to your dedication and resilience.

Your Journey, Our Pride
Each of you has shown remarkable dedication and hard work, and it’s your turn to enjoy the accolades and recognition you rightly deserve. I recall stories of CPA PEP graduates who, like you, faced challenges with determination, turning obstacles into stepping stones. Your journey adds to this legacy of perseverance and success.

Next Steps: From Candidates to CPA Members
Looking ahead, your focus will naturally shift towards fulfilling your practical experience requirements and applying for membership with a provincial CPA body. As you transition from candidates to full-fledged members of this esteemed profession, remember that the School and provincial teams are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

An Invitation to Make a Difference
The strength of our CPA certification program lies in our community. I extend a heartfelt invitation for you to consider mentoring and guiding future CPA aspirants. Your insights and expertise can profoundly impact their educational journey and the future of our profession.

Join Our Dedicated Team
Soon, we will present exciting opportunities for you to join our team of facilitators and session leaders. This is your chance to give back and shape the next generation of CPAs.

Celebrate This Moment
For now, savor this achievement. Celebrate your hard-earned success and take pride in your accomplishments. You are not just graduates; you are beacons of inspiration for those who follow.

Looking Forward
We eagerly anticipate your continued success in the accounting and finance world and are proud to have you as part of the CPA Western School of Business family.

Congratulations once again on reaching this significant milestone. We can't wait to see what you will achieve next.

CEO, CPA Western School of Business