Congratulations Successful Spring 2023 CFE Writers

CPA Northwest Territories and Nunavut is pleased to congratulate the CPA candidates in this province who have successfully completed the Common Final Examination (CFE)! Check the results of the May 2023 CFE on the CPA Western School of Business website.

Congratulations Successful Spring 2023 CFE Writer

Congratulations to all of those successful writers of the May 2023 Common Final Examination (CFE)!

CPA NWT/NU would like to congratulate:

  • Clarissa McMahon
  • Paul-Andre Brasseur
  • Katherine O'Neil 

Message from CPA Western School of Business CEO, Yuen Ip, MBA, CPA, CMA, PMP

Congratulations on completing the CPA Professional Education Program and passing the Common Final Examination! These are significant milestones on your journey to becoming a CPA. I, along with the entire CPA Western School of Business team, am thrilled to congratulate you on reaching this point. You have worked hard and deserve all the recognition and congratulations coming your way.

Soon, your focus will shift towards completing your practical experience term and applying for membership with a provincial CPA body, adding the esteemed CPA designation to your name. Our CPAWSB and provincial teams are here to guide and support you as you transition from candidate to member.  

Moreover, I invite you to reflect on the possibility of contributing to the education of future students and candidates hoping to follow your path. Our CPA certification program thrives due to the collective efforts of numerous individuals— facilitators, session leaders, CPAWSB and provincial staff, and many others who develop and deliver CPA education across Canada.

We will soon be reaching out to you with opportunities to join this dedicated team, where you could potentially shape the education of aspiring CPAs. We hope you'll consider lending your expertise and experiences to help those following in your footsteps.  

But for now, relish this moment of achievement. Take the time to celebrate your well-deserved accomplishments.