Congratulations Successful 2022 CFE Writer

CPA Northwest Territories and Nunavut is pleased to congratulate the CPA candidates in this province who have successfully completed the Common Final Examination (CFE)! Check the results of the May 2022 CFE on the CPA Western School of Business website.

Congratulations, Successful 2022 CFE Writer

Congratulations to all of those successful writers of the May 2022 Common Final Examination (CFE)!

CPA NWT/NU would like to congratulate:

  • Ryan Taggart

A list of successful candidates by candidate number is currently available on the CPA Western School of Business results page!

Message from CPA Western School of Business CEO, Yuen Ip, MBA, CPA, CMA, PMP

On behalf of everyone at the CPA Western School of Business, I extend warm congratulations on your achievement. You have passed a significant milestone in your career and are one step closer to becoming a CPA. You are likely experiencing many emotions as you consider what happens next. I hope one of them is pride for having reached this moment. I also hope that after you celebrate your success you will consider contributing to the education of future students and candidates who want to one day feel the way you do today. You will hear from us soon with information about how to get involved with the team that helps to deliver the education you have just finished.

In the coming days, your attention will turn towards completing your term of practical experience and applying for membership with a provincial CPA body so you can add the letters you have been working so hard to earn after your name. CPAWSB and provincial staff are available to help you should you need any assistance as you move from being a candidate to a member.

First though, I congratulate you again and hope you enjoy celebrating your accomplishment!